QUALITY: Our commitment is to maintain quality with our product, with our clients and with our workers. This means always offering a product with the best quality ingredients and with a clean and efficient production processes. Offering job opportunities with fair wages and treatment, as well as providing a space for professional and personal development.

AUTHENTICITY: We believe that the wealth of society lies in diversity, our roots and differences make us unique. Therefore, our goal is to be an inclusive company that embraces differences, which makes us authentic.

RESPECT: We recognize the value that each person has and the work they do, so we strive to treat our family with love. We assume the consequences of our actions both with our workers and with clients. This means we enforce internal regulations for the wellbeing of our team, as well as adhering to public regulations.

INNOVATION: Success lies in continuous progress and every day is an opportunity to do things better. We embrace our roots and from there we move forward, forming part of a constantly changing society. That is why we offer nutritious, delicious and practical products. We make life easier for you to dedicate your time to what you are passionate about.

PASSION: Our hearts, minds and energy are 100% dedicated to our company, we are excited to share our flavor with everyone.

COMMUNICATION: Our main axis is people, we work by and for our client, our objective is to constantly improve your life. We maintain an open channel for suggestions, comments and problem solving.